well, we’re a little over a week into the festival and i’ve been swamped-we all have. amanda and i are now 8 shows into a 13 show run and had the best crowd last night. bar none.

chris was there and we were both, admittedly and for different reasons, terrified. utterly and thoroughly terrified. the shows means so much to both of us and it also means so much to us that we’ve done chris’ beautiful little play justice. i hope we have.

the edmonton fringe is an exhausting, challenging, inspiring, exciting, crazy, magical, drunk, romantic, balls to the wall 10 days and it’s one of those things that’s impossible to reflect upon until it’s all over…

i will say this: i am so overwhelmed with gratitude and love for all the amazing people in my life who continue, every single day, to be a support and a shoulder and big balls of love. i am blessed in my life and in my work and for that gratitude i have no real words.





tickets are selling! opening night is getting full and every show has bums in seats. i am STOKED! with less than a week to go make sure you get your tickets early because i don’t want you to miss out on seeing how TOTALLY AWESOME amanda is! seriously, she is TOTALLY AWESOME!

❤ michelle

oh, and here’s a convenient link to get tickets: TICKETS! 


fighting with cats!

fringe is a funny thing, isn’t it. we all know that it can be incredibly rewarding and occassionally lucrative but we’re all so cheap (and poor) that we end up rehearsing in living rooms. specifically, and in the case of this awesome little show, MY living room. and for the most part it’s awesome! our playing space isn’t much smaller than our performance space and gary the cat definitely makes it all a little funny for us! <–click that link! apparently me and embedding aren’t besties at this moment.

it’s at this point in a process that i always get super sentimental about the show and the people involved and how much i adore them and their big bad talented mushy lovely brains and hearts! i never want it to end and i want to do more work these amazing people. no matter what happens and no matter how many people see the show-which i hope is a lot-i am so grateful for this whole time.


tonight in rehearsal i was sitting on my couch watching amanda be brilliant and as i shifted in my seat to write a note i caught wind of something in my periphery and it was the weirdest thing:

stage left was a giant siamese cat picking a fight with a boxer immediately stage right of it. the owner of the dog was upstage of the dog and trying to fend off the cat with her CANE. she was hitting it-or trying to-but the cat took off like a shot, crossing 99st with the dog in hot pursuit and the dog’s owner, cane in hand, pulled along, SR, whether she wanted to go or not.

another one of the perils of rehearsing from home i suppose. no cat/dog fights in the citadel rehearsal halls, right?

here are some pictures:


Really? Next week already???

Fringe is next week!

This has been a challenge like no other. One woman, 34 pages, 7 ish characters and living room rehearsals. Pornstar.USA is one exciting, super fun show and I couldn’t be more excited. We had a couple more bodies in Michelle’s cozy living room and it was great to have new laughter. Whenever I’m working on a comedy I worry that it’s not funny, has lost the funny, or was never funny in the first place except to me. But having Rydell, and Russell (our sound designer and technical director) laughing at my (really Chris’) jokes was awesome!

It gives me momentum, and oh so much joy when I can make people laugh. The show is only a laugh a minute (although it definitely is) but it has heart. I think you’ll love some of these kooky characters, or love to hate them which is fun too.

Basically I can’t wait for you to see this show, dear interested reader. I just can’t wait.



Goodness Gracious! by Michelle Kennedy

it’s amazing to me that fringe is upon us once again… goodness!

i’ve been out of town for the past couple of week, on the road with one yellow rabbit at the magnetic north festival. while i’ve been gone Amanda and Sarah (our media expert and all-around-awesome gal friday) have been working hard, pouding the pavement getting ready for our fundraiser on saturday. i am so grateful to them!

magnetic north was an incredibly fruitful and inspiring week for me and ottawa made an excellent first impression. i came home to edmonton today full of jubilance about what’s to come for the 4 of us and i wanted to share with the world of the internet how i feel about our team.

i sent the ladies (and chris) the following email from the road this morning:

“magnetic North was so inspiring and as cheesy as it sounds, really reminded me of all that is possible when passionate and brilliant people (like us!) dedicate themselves to a project. Sure, it’s fringe now but the future is bright! I’m just so jazzed for the summer and all of the awesome! My mood is jubilant pals, JUBILANT!”

we are blessed in this community that we get to create with our best friends and that our best friends are brilliant and inspiring people.

life feels like a joy right now!